Welcome to the Weave!

In this space, we have a meeting place, store, and blog. While you peruse and familiarise yourself with my musings and the wares that I have on offer. I hope that your travels are favoured by the Kindly Ones.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

Asphodelo of Ward & Weave is a consummate professional. The integration, care, and skill he demonstrates of a myriad of magical practices and approaches is apparent as Ash guides you through your personal Ancestral landscape. Since working with Ash to reveal my primary Ancestral spirits, and through his coaching regarding Ancestral veneration and communion, not only has my practiced shifted and grown, but my life has aligned, doors have opened, and new possibilities have presented themselves.
I highly recommend this offering to anyone searching for clarity around their Ancestral work.