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Lenormand: Boot camp for Questions

Asking the right question is a skill.

9/10 times I wager that you have picked up a deck of cards and asked ‘What do I need to know. Vague, imprecise, scattered. That’s when the cards will ‘waffle’ and tell you a story.

Especially when working with Lenormand or Playing Card divination. You need to ask structured and precise questions.

Lenormand will give you answers. For the best results, you need to ask better questions. In general, you will have the clearest answers from clarifying questions. Can it be answered yes or no? Have you set the parameters for questioning?

Say for instance you want to ask ‘what do I need to know?’

Ask specifics:

‘What will happen today?’

‘What is the outcome of …?’

In general, you will want to break your larger questions into smaller segments. And avoid anything that involves ‘Should’ or phrases that are subject to personal bias.

Let’s use ‘Should I date X?’ as our example here.

Instead, ask:

‘What is the outcome from dating X’

‘What does X want?’

‘What will I learn?’

You can also use this frame of questioning for any area of life. Work, relationships, business opportunities, holidays. It’s also better to divine on specific options and outcome rather than a scatter question of ‘What is the best option?’. Do divination on the outcome of each option and decides on the most favourable by comparison.

I hope that this helps.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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