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Lenormand Vs Tarot

I want to expand off of Ryan’s succinct breakdown.

One of the things I personally as a Diviner find so frustrating about Tarot is the Story. As Ryan describes a comic panel. I have always found something very similar. It unfolds. Like the Fool, it ambles and journeys and stops to look at flowers.

I am not about that. If I have asked a question.

Get to the point.

Can it be answered yes or no?

Then why are we now talking about the scenery?

I’m VERY patient. We know this by now I am sure.

Tarot is about contemplation and meditation. At least in my personal experience of it.

So what about Lenormand?

If Tarot is charades. Lenormand is Snap.

I’d wager I could teach a person Lenormand and have them proficient in the technique within an hour.

In fact, my Zia first taught me Lenormand at 6 when I could finally shuffle.

At its simplest Lenormand is word association. Its images are able to prompt thought processes.

You ask: ‘Is ‘person’ loyal?

You get the Dog and Ring.

Dog: faithful, loyal, devoted, protective

Ring: commitment, traditions, promises, bonds, oaths

We could read that as ‘loyal bonds’

It is concise and to the point. There is no ambiguity or wracking the brain of ‘but what could this possibly mean?!?!’

While both systems have value. I find it helpful to use Tarot for contemplation/meditation and the assessment of lessons and the Journey. Whereas I work with Lenormand for Answers, observable phenomena and methodology.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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