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Let’s talk about Lenormand

Lenormand is an alternative method of Cartomancy to the overwhelmingly recognised Tarot.

Lenormand is a very literal and linear method of Divination, as at its core it is about sentence building.

While the Tarot has spread’s that cards mean specific things in that place. Lenormand cards are always read in the context of the question and how the cards touch or neighbour each other.

Lenormand is objective and gives you information generally in a manner that is very straightforward. The Lenormand can be read in Pairs, Three’s, Five’s, Seven’s and even more in a straight line to build more elaborate sentences.

Or as I prefer in most cases to used a Nine card grid to give a more nuanced sense of multiple sentences, timing and perspectives. Each card has simple words, timing and perspectives that can be attached to them.

For instance, the first card is the Rider. Which while being directional, coming or going, it can be read as fast or urgent, communication, news, or even a young man (in traditional cases).

The second card Clover can also indicate fast, due to how quickly it grows, luck, spring, green, short-lived or a windfall of money.

For example, you do a morning pull and ask:

‘What will happen today?’

The pull is the Rider + Clover: You could read that as ‘News delivered swiftly.’

But the Clover + Rider could be read as ‘Lucky News!’

Lenormand should be observed as a language and allowing conversations to build out of the cards in response to the question asked.

If you enjoy this brief explanation let me know and I will continue to make further explorations.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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