Divination, Lenormand

Getting Started with Lenormand

One of the things that I love so much about Lenormand is how accessible they are as a divinatory device.

You can make your own deck just with a standard set of playing cards and some permanent markers. I recommend a set of Bicycle cards, mine were $3 from a General store.

Below will be a list of the cards and correspondences, I recommend separating out the cards and taking your time to draw a picture if you desire, and keywords to jog your memory. This is your beginner’s deck, so allow yourself the space to gain familiarity with the core concepts of each card. This list is a combination of Personal experience and keyphrases agreed upon in several books, most notably the Maybe Lenormand Guidebook, as I consider it to be the best quick reference. The Maybe Lenormand is an Expanded 52 card deck. But for beginners, it is best to work with the original 36 cards till proficiency is obtained.

  1. Rider, 9 of Hearts (Can be directional left or right), Core points: News, Messages (Worldly), Visitor, Swiftness, Additional points: Short-distance travel by vehicle
  2. Clover, 6 of Diamonds, Small Luck, Getting lucky, Fast, Witty, Brief, Cash, Green
  3. Ship, 10 of Spades, Travel by Motor, Slow, Commerce, Longing, Journeys, Foreign
  4. House, King of Hearts, Home, Family, Personal Endeavours, possibly Father, Square/Blocky
  5. Tree, 7 of Hearts, Health, Ancestry, Nature, Time, SLOW, Spirits, Boring
  6. Clouds, King of Clubs, (One side, light and the other dark), Storms, Weather, Gloom, Obscurity, Confusion
  7. Snake, Queen of Clubs, Venomous words, The ‘other’ woman, Treachery, Bindings, Complications
  8. Coffin, 9 of Diamonds, Natural endings, Death, Transitions, Loss, Illness, Debt, Grim, Box
  9. Bouquet, Queen of Spades, Big Luck, Gifts, Suprise, Charming, Creative
  10. Scythe, Jack of Diamonds, (The point cuts) Cutting away, Surgery, Harvest, Danger, Abrupt, Edit, Autumn
  11. Birch/Broom, Jack of Clubs, Repetition, Discomfort, Discord, Correction, Friction, Manual, Phallus
  12. Birds, 7 of Diamonds, Gossip, Chatter, Couples, Sorrow, Unease, Messages (Spirits)
  13. Child, Jack of Spades, A child, Innocence, Young, Naive, New, Ally, Small
  14. Fox, 9 of Clubs, Lies, Deceit, Trickery, Cunning, Mischievous, Manipulative
  15. Bear, 10 of Clubs, Authority, Envy, Oppress, Possessive, possibly Protection
  16. Stars, 6 of Hearts, Hope, Fate, Wish, Magic, Intelligence, Interconnectedness, the Internet,
  17. Stork, Queen of Hearts, Changes, Relocation, Progress, New Beginnings, possibly Mother
  18. Dog, 10 of Hearts, Loyal, Friend, Sincerity, Adoration, Devotion, a Dog
  19. Tower, 6 of Spades, Institutions, Organisations, Ego, Solitude, Life span, Higher learning, Physical Places
  20. Garden, 8 of Spades, Public events, Gatherings, People, Outdoors, Garden, Refined
  21. Mountain, 8 of Clubs, Challenges, Struggles, Blockages, Obstacles, Stubborn, Enemy, Trials
  22. Path/Ways, Queen of Diamonds, Choices, Crossroads, Paths, Decisions, Roads, Secondary Women
  23. Mouse, 7 of Clubs, Loss, Grief, Anxiety, Disease, Theft, Pests, Mess
  24. Heart, Jack of Hearts, Love, Connections, Sensitive, Emotions, Desire, Blood
  25. Ring, Ace of Clubs, Contracts, Agreements, Promises, Marriage, Relationship, Endless
  26. Book, 10 of Diamonds, (Directional: Bound side – Secrets, Open – Knowledge), Project, Lessons, Hidden, Occult knowledge
  27. Letter, 7 of Spades, Written words, News, Vocabulary, Eloquent
  28. Man, Ace of Hearts, Significator, Querant or the Questioned
  29. Lady, Ace of Spades, Significator, Querant or the Questioned
  30. Lillies, King of Spades, Sexuality, Contentment, Long-term Relationships, Morality, Honour, Paternal
  31. Sun, Ace of Diamonds, Success, Confidence, Arrogance, Joy, Warmth, Luck, Radiant
  32. Moon, 8 of Hearts, Recognition, Honour, Career, Impression, Fame, Purpose, Intuition, Mysteries
  33. Key, 8 of Diamonds, Realisation, Solutions, Security, Unlock, Reinforce, Highlight
  34. Fish, King of Diamonds, Money, Resources, Affluence, Entrepreneurship, Semen
  35. Anchor, 9 of Spades, Hope, Intention, Work, Security, Stability, Longing, Internal Faith,
  36. Cross, 6 of Clubs, Burdens, Religiosity, Traditions, Hardship, Stop (Termination).

Only write out what will fit on the cards, or the words that stand out the most to you and will prompt your thought processes in a reading.

You will note that many cards share meanings. But as always the subtly of context and interrelationship with the other cards and the Question ask will be the key to unlocking their meaning.

Do not get overly attached to whether a card is malefic or benefic as context is really what is most imporant.

To quote the Venerable and Sagely Camelia Elias: ‘Context is King’.

Moving forward I want to explore Cards individually, in combination and methods of reading.

If you are enjoying this series, please let me know and keep an eye out for further content.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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