Divination, Lenormand

Meeting the Lenormand: 13. Child

In the Getting Started with Lenormand post I provided a list of simple associations which included:

Child, Jack of Spades, A child, Innocence, Young, Naive, New, Ally, Small

As one can imagine the Child card can literally refer to a child. But in relations to descriptions of people, it can simply mean: small, youthful, innocent or naïve.

It can also show a joyous enthusiasm or newness. Imagine how a young child is exuberant when introduced to fun new things.

It can also be a sign of an Ally in your ‘court’. Someone who is perhaps not powerful or outspoken. But will stand by you and support your endeavours.

As always remember that Context is Key, and allow the space to consider what is being expressed broadly as well as narrowly.

Keep an eye out for tomorrows post, Fox.

Love and Manyfold Blessings.

Asphodelo xxx

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