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Meeting the Lenormand: 14. Fox

In the Getting Started with Lenormand post I provided a list of simple associations which included:

Fox, 9 of Clubs, Lies, Deceit, Trickery, Cunning, Mischievous, Manipulative

Fox is a complex card. Fox will look you in the eyes and lie. However, this is not necessarily malicious as it can be mischievous. Fox loves to play tricks. But it can also show that a person is not to be trusted.

As Fox is a manipulator they will employ many methods of deceit and are incredibly cunning. They have the mental energy to burn and keep track of their ‘stories’.

The Fox person is one to be wary of, they can be fun and playful, but also a dangerous person to trust. Fox could very much indicate a gas-lighter and a narcissistic manipulator.

Fox can also indicate a practitioner of Magic, one who walks between worlds. It’s important to note that even a beautiful otherworldly force can be dangerous and lead us astray.

As always remember that Context is Key, and allow the space to consider what is being expressed broadly as well as narrowly.

Keep an eye out for tomorrows post, Bear

Love and Manyfold Blessings.

Asphodelo xxx

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