Divination, Lenormand

Meeting the Lenormand: 17. Stork

In the Getting Started with Lenormand post I provided a list of simple associations which included:

Stork, Queen of Hearts, Changes, Relocation, Progress, New Beginnings, possibly Mother.

Stork brings Changes. What is a bigger change than the delivery of a baby? In some cases of traditional fortune-telling, Stork does bear a new baby. However, it can also mean a new business or similar endeavour.

Stork also shows us New Beginnings. Much like a re-birthing for the Querant.

Relocation can also be shown in the Stork. Moving to new scenery in most cases a significant move.
Stork can also highlight Progress that has been made. Growth on a personal level.

The Querant’s Mother can also be indicated by the position of the Stork.

As always remember that Context is Key, and allow the space to consider what is being expressed broadly as well as narrowly.

Keep an eye out for tomorrows post, Dog.

Love and Manyfold Blessings.

Asphodelo xxx

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