Divination, Lenormand

Meeting the Lenormand: 25. Ring

In the Getting Started with Lenormand post I provided a list of simple associations which included:

Ring, Ace of Clubs, Contracts, Agreements, Promises, Marriage, Relationship, Endless

Ring speaks of bonds, pacts, oaths and Contracts. Seen and Unseen.

As Ring indicates Marriage and Relationships, it is worth noting that it is not simply romantic relationships. It refers more to the bonds of commitment, and in this way Endless is enduring. These bonds can travel through lifetimes.

Proposals and Promises are both indicated by the Ring.

Ring can also be a sign of Agreements, verbal contracts are most strongly indicated by this card.

As always remember that Context is Key, and allow the space to consider what is being expressed broadly as well as narrowly.

Keep an eye out for tomorrows post, Book.

Love and Manyfold Blessings.

Asphodelo xxx

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