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Meeting the Lenormand: 35. Anchor

In the Getting Started with Lenormand post I provided a list of simple associations which included:

Anchor, 9 of Spades, Hope, Intention, Work, Security, Stability, Longing, Internal Faith

In the Game of Hope, Anchor was the card of Hope. This is the dropping of Anchor, reaching your destination and rest.

To lay, Anchor is an expression of Intentionality. Where will you place your point of Stability? It is also a sign of Work (typically stable in nature), in this way it also indicates Security.

There is also a Longing indicated in the Anchor. The romance of the deep and unknowable depths. Where does it fall and come to rest when dropped? There is a yearning here.

Anchor is also an indication of internal Faith, the exploration of self and contemplation of the Divine. What can we find in the deep?

As always remember that Context is Key, and allow the space to consider what is being expressed broadly as well as narrowly.

Keep an eye out for tomorrows post, Cross.

Love and Manyfold Blessings.

Asphodelo xxx

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