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Introduction to Necromancy

This is a very basic guide to building a relationship with your Local Dead.

I want to emphasize that my approach to Necromancy is based in building respectful relationships. Furthermore, I recommend at bare minimum that you have a solid grasp of Warding and have ensured to cover parasitic entities in its programing, and carry some manner of protective talisman. A SATOR square will serve well.

You can learn about the SATOR square here:

1583 – Charm: Talisman

While no specific consecration is necessary, the quality of the materials of talisman will reflect it durability and ‘power’. I recommend Troll Cunning Forge as a supplier:

An alternative is the Ouroboros Phylactery a wonderful piece from the PGM. You can purchase a wonderful lecture from Alison Chicosky on its making here:

And download her lecture notes here:

Or purchase a Phylactery from Alison here:

I want to stress here that I do not recommend this as an introduction to magical practice. This is a Spirit mediated model of magic. All Spirits are capable of lying to get what they want. You will need protection of some manner, and I tend to recommend contingency protection. Ward and carry multiple talismans that have a broad spectrum of application. If you already have established relationships with other Spirits who can help protect you, even better.

Do not make a deal with a Spirit you have not thoroughly researched, and possibly had divination to verify its intentions. Do not offer bone, meat or blood, especially your own blood. Do not take grave dirt without permission from the Spirit.

Once you have suitable protections your first necromantic adventure should be to your local cemetery. Go during Daylight hours, take a bottle of water, perhaps some bread and even fresh cut flowers.

Before entering the cemetery, pause at the gate, pour out some water to the Guardian of the Gate and offer it a simple prayer of gratitude and recognition. such as: ‘Guardian of the Gate I thank you for your good favor. Keep watchful gaze on me as I walk your grounds, and ensure that none who do not enter with me leave with me.’

As you walk the grounds allow yourself to take in the atmosphere of place. Do not wander with intention, simply follow your feet. If a Grave stands out to you pay special attention. Be mindful of what sensations/emotions/visions you have at the grave. If you have your phone and feel drawn to research the person who rests there do so. Pour out some water, and leave a small portion of any other offerings you brought. Thank the Spirit for its time and attention. You can also tidy up their grave of any weeds or rubbish to cultivate good favor.

Do not take grave dirt at this time. Take time to build up the relationship with the Spirit of that grave. At this stage avoid working with anyone who died young, unmarried, without children or of a violent nature or disposition.

Remember that the Spirit also has the choice to work with you and form a relationship with you.

When you have finished your time in the cemetery. If possible leave through a different entrance to the one you entered. (If you caught the attention of a Restless Spirit you can even jump the fence if needed).

As you exit leave another offering of water, and this time bread and flowers for the Guardian of the Gate. State: ‘Guardian of the Gate I thank you for your service, for allowing me to walk your grounds. I give these offering willingly and gratefully to you. Lay your lost ones to rest, do not let them follow me from this place.’

You will then turn and not look backwards at the cemetery as you leave to go home.

Do a purification and cleansing bath when you get home and refresh your household Wards just to be safe.

As you return regularly remember to give offerings and gratitude to the Guardian of the Gate. Always take simple offerings and be mindful and respectful as you walk the grounds.

As a general guide if you meet a Spirit that fills you with a sense of dread or the ‘coldness of the grave’, I would avoid engaging with them until you are more experienced. If a Spirit leaves you feeling warm or peaceful they should be safe to work with.

I like to visit my Dead Friends about once a week, typically on a Saturday in the morning hours. With time the Spirits will teach you about themselves and give you an idea of how they may partner with you in magical work.

The Oil of the Dead was brewed specifically to be able to cloak the wearer in protection from harmful dead when entering haunted places. As well as an exceptionally good candle anointing oil for general use in necromantic work for ‘good favor’.

May the Kindly Ones guide and protect you.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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