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The Magic of Remembering

What purpose does Ancestral Veneration and Relational Necromancy really serve?

As discussed in The Kindly Ones

The human soul is not one part. A brief recap: The Soul animates, the Spirit/Spector is the person and the Earth-memory is the bodies resonance.

When we engage with the human dead we are either interacting with a Spirit or a Spector.

Spectors are essentially a fragment of a Spirit. Usually linked to a traumatic event, they commonly form when a person does not have a ‘good death’. Spectors can be wild and resentful towards the living. For the injustice of their death, the untimely nature of it or that they feel unfulfilled in the life they led. They are commonly employed in workings of a baneful nature. When encountering a wild Spector a new practitioner is advised to avoid them, or to encourage them to rest. Very powerful Spectors may require exorcism by a seasoned practitioner.

Spirits are the sum total of the experiences and memories that the person held in life. This is ultimately what we are engaging with when we work with the Kindly Ones, and who we empower through Ancestral Veneration. A Spirit can be strengthened with consistent veneration, elevation and empowerment.

Saints are a fantastic example of what can be achieved over time when a Spirit is venerated.

But what can happen if they are not venerated? Unfortunately when a Spirit is no longer remembered, either by living relative or community they can fade away. It is worth noting that even long forgotten dead can be stumbled upon and empowered with time and dedication, and that the Soul is unaffected by the fading of a Spirit.

You can address individual Spirits in the process of veneration. Or you can also use the honorific Kindly Ones to allow all the Spirits who look on you with favor to be empowered during veneration.

This is the beauty of the process of veneration. As you empower the Spirits, they are more able to work with you as an ally.

May the Kindly Ones bless you as you bless them.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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