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A Prayer for the Dead

In many ways the acknowledging the memory of a Spirit is enough.

But how can we more formally pray for the departed?

In general my guideline for prayer is for it to be heartfelt. I does not need to be formal, or even beautiful. But full and resonate with our emotions.

You can set up an altar for the dead. As always do not take materia from a cemetery that you do not have permission to and accidently invite something into your home you might not want to be there.

You can set up with a white cloth for purity. and leave offerings of water, liquor, wine, food and flowers. You can always offer light, but do not leave burning candles unattended.

When your space is arranged to your pleasing. be present before it and pray:

‘You Kindly Ones who look upon me with favor, be present, defend me from harm, known and unknown, seen and unseen, heard and unheard.’

‘I invite you Wandering Ones who seek peace and solace to partake of these offerings. Let them nourish you, empowering you for your journey. Let you find your feet tread the path to rest and home-hearth. Let your beloved ones guide you home with the songs of their hearts.

Peace and open paths to you Wanderer as you travel home.’

Once you have finished dismiss the remaining Spirits and request your Kindly Ones remove any who linger.

You are not obligated to pray for the Wandering Dead. But if you find the time to be a ‘good neighbor’ to your local Spirits, you will find that you are perhaps more kindly received when you wander into their spaces.

May the Kindly Ones aid you in your endeavors.

Love and Manyfold Blessings


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