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The Coin of the Dead

The Coin was inspired by a divination technique my Nonno taught me.

Silver Coin Divination:

This is perfect for yes or no to our questions.

You will need a Silver toned coin. I was taught using a 20 cent pieces here in Australia. But you can also grab this beautiful coin.

You can use a fresh coin if needed, but it can be beneficial to have a coin exclusively for this purpose.

The Spell itself is simple, recite: ‘Silver mind, Silver eye, Silver tongue give me a sign.’.

Then ask the question and flip the coin. Heads are considered yes, Tails no.

However, you can do an elaborate consecration of the coin to purpose it to the task.

On a Full moon wash the coin with rose water, state: ‘It is pure’.

Hold the coin over the moon, state: ‘Gateway of Souls’.

Place it on the earth, state ‘Speaker of Spirits’.

Finally, place it in front of your Ancestral Shrine, state: ‘ Ancestral answers we seek. You speak and are heard.’ It is done.

The coin should be left there as a tool for communication with your Ancestors. It is now theirs and for the purpose of Divination alone.

May the Kindly Ones guide you

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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