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Sigils & Sorcery

Sigils are an indispensable tool in a modern practitioners repertoire.

There are many resources that we can draw from. Planetary, Goetic and symbols of culture and tradition.

I like to approaching Magic through the structure of Models of Magic. (Psychological, Energetic and Spirit Mediated). I do not believe that we can credit the Models to any one person or system of Magic when we see these delineations all over the world.

A Sigil acts as a focus of intention and programming for Magic. You can reduce large concepts and spells into a few lines with time and practice.

You can also add them to your ‘toolbox’ and add them to larger and more complicated spells.

A successful Sigil can be cumulatively enchanted over time and use. Essentially having a magical shorthand available at the tip of a writing instrument.

The are several methods to create custom Sigils:

Our First option is Reduction. Write a sentence or statement of intention. Reduce the letters to remove repeats of consonant or vowels. Use a method you prefer to make a suitable squiggle. In practice I tend to find this method yields the least flexible and responsive result. I used to teach this method years ago and find that it is easy to ‘overcharge’ the Sigil. I do not recommend using this method in Wards or long-term workings. I personally don’t enjoy the psychic backlash of an exploded Sigil. You can use to create this type of Sigil.

Second is Symbolism. You can use established symbols and alter them to make a customized Sigil. Incorporating unique designs to tailor results. This is the method that I recommend and find most effective for Warding and long-term works. They are more durable, adaptable and can hold more psychic charge than the Reduction method. Because of their greater psychic potential Sigils made with this method can become more effective with time and use. Laura Tempest Zackroff’s Sigil Witchery is an excellent example of this method.

Third is Guided. This is where Sigils can be created with the assistance of a guiding Spirit therefore, they have the largest psychic potential. These Sigils also tend to be the most intelligent, adaptive and responsive. Able to act with a level of AI type intelligence within Warding and Magical Works. However, to be able to make these Sigils you must have a developed relationship with a Spirit who is willing to work with you to create this spell and awaken the intelligence of the Sigil. If you do, these Sigils are incredibly valuable assets in your Sorcerous toolbox.

Regardless of the method you chose to use, may you find your Sigils to be effective and valuable assets.

Don’t forget that you can have a Custom Sigil Crafting Session to have a custom Sigil made with for you.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming Sigils & Sorcery Class! Cohort 2 commences September 11th 2022.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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