Model’s of Magic

Let’s talk Magic. There is no right or wrong way to do magic. No superior method. Magic is a tool or vehicle to move from point A to point B.

Magic is not bound by human religion, culture, morality or understanding.

Magic is Creation, Chaos and Destruction that can yield Order.

If you are not willing to be part of that turmoil you are not practicing Magic. You are participating in a psychodrama to direct mental narratives. Magic is wild. Be wild.

For example in my culture we view Magic as a Song. We are part of the Weave of the World. As it unfolds and evolves it is the Song of the World. When we practice Magic we are becoming a co-creator of that Song. The Song is Creation, Chaos, Destruction and Order. Our Heart-Song is aligned with purpose, desire and destiny. When we give ourselves to the genuine expression, that is Magic.

I deeply appreciate the way that Jack Grayle describes the Models of Magic (In his online courses). Which can be broadly broken into: Psychological, Energetic and Spirit Mediated.

Psychological Magic is a framework that views Magical operations as a psychodrama. A way for the practitioner to change their thinking and therefore the perceived reality. This Model can be largely seen in Chaos, Ceremonial and Goetic systems of Magic.

Energetic Magic is the framework that focuses on the subtle energies of the caster and potentially materia. Sympathetic, Folk and Ceremonial Magic all can be applied to this model.

Spirit Mediated Magic focuses on evocation, invocation and theurgy. Working with the Spirits to assist the caster in their Magic. Folk, Ceremonial, Goetic and Astrological Magic all fall into this category.

In my own personal practice of Secular Animistic Necromancy, I work primarily with Energetic and Spirit Mediated Models of magic.

Animism, Ancestral Veneration, Sorcery and Necromancy all fall under the umbrella of Spirit Mediated Magic. When we acknowledge the relationship we have with Spirits. Give them offerings and veneration and work to establish a relationship with them. We can have much more reliable and focused Magical outcomes.

All three models have their own innate value. Having a solid understanding and practice in each will only enhance the ability of the Practitioner to achieve their desired results in the Work.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx.

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