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Integrity matters.

Unshockingly, the majority of occulture is based on being perceived as the Magus Supreme. The core essential lesson of integrity is so often missed. You can not fake skill when you practice Magic. You can not fake the bonds of Spirits.

Furthering that point, Spirits see and know us. When you lie, when you do not honour your Word. They see that too. Very few Spirits, that I would personally choose to work with, want to work with practioners who do not honour their Words.

Forgive and forget is an indoctrinated human societal standard. Spirits never forget, and they will always expect amendments to be made. Forgiveness is earned.

Integrity doesn’t only apply to how we interact with Spirits. It also impacts the success of our Magic.

Let’s use Glamour as an example. The purpose of Glamour is to project an image or to make us be perceived in a specific manner by other people.

If you at your core do not match the Glamour that you are projecting, it’s much easier for people that see through it. Because no matter what you are presenting, if your actions, intention, words, knowledge and skill don’t match it. The Glamour is just as flimsy as crepe paper.

This is why when you interact with ‘teachers’ and ‘practitioners’ you should fact check them. Do they cite resources? Do they give credit to teachers? Do they make claims of being part of a lineage? Can they verify that?

In an age where people can set up a social media image and presence with a few clicks and types, you as a consumer must practice discernment. This is how you protect yourself from becoming a victim of the Cult of Personality, and some really shoddy social media ‘magic’.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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