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Wading into Magic

Magic is Creation, Chaos, Destruction and Order.

To practice Magic is to accept that we have the ability to wield these forces. Ask any practitioner how to practice Magic and you will be given a different answer by every person. We all have our own culture, ethical and moral standards unique to our exposure and experiences.

For example in my family Ancestors, Animism, Folk Magic and Necromancy make up the bulk of what we value in practice. While there are set rituals, prayers and prescriptions that we share, each of us cultivates our own relationship with the Materia and Spirits that we work with.

Lately, I call myself a Feral Sorcerer. The more established I become in my practice, the more I value the way I was taught to cultivate my own relationships within Magic. I find myself increasingly distrustful of modern Magic and the communities surrounding it. Grimoires that cost hundreds of dollars with limited printings. Books churned out by amateurs after finishing a 101 Introduction to Magic. Lodges and Orders are based on hierarchical structures and political infighting. The social media clout chasing Grand Magus Supreme.

It’s understandable that people become overwhelmed by the availability of resources. Where do we start? Who is a good resource? Anyone familiar with my work knows that If you want to work with Spirits I recommend starting with Ancestors. Specifically the Kindly Ones. You can read Honouring your Ancestors by Mallorie Vaudoise as a very solid starting point. Or you can Book and Ancestral Veneration Mentoring session with me here:

Ancestral Veneration Mentoring

What if Ancestors are not your thing? I don’t recommend god-shopping or pantheon hopping. You don’t need a Deity or any Spirit for that matter, to practice Magic. It makes many people feel more comfortable to have a Spirit to guide them. If that’s you, I recommend you start by thoroughly researching the lore associated with the entity and praying traditional prayers to them.

As a very broad rule of thumb. If you are trying to research an indigenous or ethnic practice and not a single one of your teachers is native to that culture. You should be asking how true and accurately it is being represented. Collinisation and Capitalism go hand in hand.

Along the same vein. You do not need to buy every crystal or herb in the encyclopaedia references. Consumerism isn’t Magic. Actually doing Magic is when it starts to impact us, not sitting collecting dust on a shelf. My personal apothecary has less than 20 herbs and resins that I know their Spirits, and their functions medically and Magically. They are typically of a broad scope of action or are specialised and irreplaceable. I either grow/gather them myself, or I buy them from suppliers that I know observe sustainable and ethical practices.

Crystals can have some of the worst environmental and community impacts of anything attached to the occult. We need to be mindful of that as consumers. How we spend our money influences the market demand and subsequent production. Invest in sustainable and ethical sources wherever possible.

When it comes to the actual practice of Magic. I firmly believe that protection is the first thing you should learn. Spells of protection and building Wards. Against people, spirits and Magic. You need to be safe first and foremost to have a solid foundation to stand on.

A good book to start with is Six Ways by Adain Wachter. It’s a very solid introduction to Animistic Sorcery. You can learn my method of Warding in my Sigils & Sorcery class. As well as methods of energetic practice and practical Sigil work. Dates to be Advised.

I deeply appreciate the integrity and ethical standard of Damien and Amaya Rourke. I recommend their Living Archeus class without hesitation.

I hugely recommend the Candle Magic Masterclass as well. Damien and Amaya condensed magical teachings that took me decades to learn. I still rave about how excellent this class is.

I highly recommend the Protection Magic course from Practical Occult

Having well-crafted and consecrated talismans can be a literal life saver. To this end I recommend the Ouroborus Phylactery from Practical Occult.

Or the Troll Cunning Forge’s Sator Square

In general. Start small. Pick one materia to know well. Spend time with it, researching and working with it.

Do your research on sources and individuals. Do not fall into the trap of the Cult of Personality. It’s very easy to set yourself up as an authority when everyone around is only treading water.

Keep an eye out for the follow-up post Protection Magic

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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