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Protection Magic

Having solid, adaptive and robust protection Spells and Wards is essential knowledge for practitioners. These should be the first thing you learn and something that you continue to expand on for the duration of the Path.

It’s incredibly naive to assume that people or Spirits will inherently have your best interests at heart. Especially when those beings are in a position of power or authority, your priorities must be to keep all aspects of the self safe.

I won’t waste my time discussing vibes or intentions. Passive white light and intentions are nothing but paper against the fist of domination and aggression.

What can we do then?

Trust no one. Do not give a Spirit or mentor your true name (as in ‘I am Ash.’). I always skirt around this by saying, ‘You can call me or People call me Ash.’. Do not share your birth details with a person unless you trust them with your life. Your natal chart is the blueprint of you. This information can be used to bypass the protections you do have.

If you walk the Path of Ancestors, do not share the names of your Ancestors with outsiders. Knowing the name of someone can give you power over it.

Many people are drawn to Magic because they want power. These individuals will not quail at the thought of dominating you or your Spirits. These people are tyrants and predators. You do not give them free access to you or your Sphere.

Similarly, be very careful about who you accept gifts or buy materia from. When we enchant, we leave a residue of our Magic on the object, which makes it easier to reach a person with your Magic.

This caution also applies to the revival of speciality Grimoires. It’s exceptionally easy for spells of illusion, glamour, domination, and vampirism to be woven into those tomes. This is why I don’t recommend Grimoires unless they were written by people long dead. Or have been vetted by exceptional practitioners I know and trust.

Always do divination or have it done for you to ensure that any talisman or materia will have good synergy with your Spirit and be safe for you to have.

Not all Magic, not every Path, not all Spirits will work well or in good synergy with you. We are each individual and deeply complex beings. So it would be best to find what works for you and your practice.

Let’s talk practicals.

Again I highly recommend:

The Archeus workshop.

Practical Occults Protection Magic.

Or my Sigils and Sorcery course. Dates to be advised.

The first line of defence is to be ‘clean’. Spiritually and physically. What that means will vary widely by culture and practice. But at the bare minimum, I recommend you do a cleansing and purification practice at least once a week, if not daily or as needed. Daily cleansing could be scrubbing your hands with salt and olive oil, having a shower and visualising the water washing away spiritual grime. My weekly spiritual bath combines water, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, and steeped mint and parsley. I steep it in the Sun on a Sunday and dump it over my head while singing praises to the Sun

The most ‘pure’ practitioners I know eat meat, smoke, drink and imbibe in substances. Unless there is a specific tradition you have been initiated into that restricts those things, they are not inherently impure. If someone tells you you have to eat clean to be clean, then they are lacking in education outside of New Age “woo”.

When we are clean and ‘pure’, it’s much harder for spiritual muck and detritus to build up and overwhelm our defences.

Now you are clean. Let’s build defences. As always, it’s handy to have well-crafted talismans to bulk our defences. Without hesitation, I recommend:

The Ouroborus Phylactery from Practical Occult

Or Troll Cunning Forge’s Sator Square.

You can make your own talismans as well. The material’s durability reflects how well it can hold Magic and defend us. Metal Talismans can last years, if not lifetimes. In comparison, paper talismans are one and done. They can only withstand one hit of a Spell or Spirit.

If you practice Ancestral Veneration, ask your Kindly Ancestors to protect you. You can do this with the Deities you work with as well. When you have established relationships with Benevolent beings, it makes life much easier.

My general protection Spell, which also can work as a clearing statement, is:

‘Defend me/us from all harm. Known or unknown, seen or unseen, heard or unheard, be it sent by a friend, family, ally or enemy. In the manner of Spells, curses, hexes, jinxed, Ill wishings, crossed conditions, malocchio, obfuscations, confoundings, blindings, bindings, limitations, restrictions, drainings or lies. By Demons, Spirits or People.’

You can use this phrase to set the parameters of instructions to Spirits, Talismans and Wards you work with or create.

It’s also good to have multiple protections in place. Talismans constructed with different Spirits. Protection Spells and Wards that work with varying materia and have a different construction. Do not share with outsiders how you created these or what materia you used. What is known can be unmade. Tweak recipes and Spells so that their wording and materia are unique to you wherever possible.

In general, plants that have hot flavours or have thorns can be excellent for making protection Spells and Wards. Discuss with the Spirit of the plant if it will work with you in that way.

You can also call on Dead who were Soldiers, Fighters, Heroes, Valiant Dead or even Priests or Policemen who were not entirely corrupt. Unless, of course, that is what you are looking for in your work.

I have previously written about my approach to folk Necromancy, which you can read here:

You can also book a Candle Petition here for protection or other workings here:

The key is to do everything you can to ensure you are safe and resilient against external influences. No matter the form that it takes.

May the Kindly Ones bless you and guide you on a true Path.

Keep an eye out for the follow-up post Reversal Magic

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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