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We have covered Protection and Reversal Magic. Let’s brighten our Sphere up with Blessings.

All the Protection and Clearing Work we can do leaves things feeling sterile. However, bringing a sense of home and warmth helps set the tone and influences what we cultivate in our Sphere.

You can go all out, and Gregorian mass style sing the house down. Then, smoke it out with the surviving stockpile of Frankincense and Myrrh.

Or you could follow in the footsteps of our Grandsires and Elders.

What makes your home and space feel blessed?

It could be the smell of fresh baked goods. Pick any recipe. I bet you it at least has vanilla, maybe lemon or other fruits and spices. All of these are exceptional to create a sense of Blessing. Focusing and being grateful for what we do have access to. That is a Blessing.

Create a simmer pot of citrus fruit. Maybe some cinnamon, all-spice, cloves, nutmeg, even peppercorns. This can be a fantastic way to invoke Blessings. Save the decoction and spritz it as needed.

Offer fresh baked goods or fruit to the Spirits of household, place, space and the Kindly Ancestors. Create an environment that is warm, welcoming and inviting to cordial relationships.

There is a reason why food is said to be a way to people’s hearts.

I give this offering to all Spirits categories: some bread and apple wedges drizzled with honey and dusted with cinnamon. Also, a shot glass of coffee, tea, water, wine or liquor.

I recommend disposing of offerings after sunrise or sunset if you are not Spirit sensitive. Or ask the Spirits to let you know when they have finished with the offerings. Feed the physical remains to a pet if it’s safe for them to eat. Other options include composting or throwing it in the bin. What has been consumed by Spirits is not generally safe for human consumption. And if you do not have the physical resources to spare. Just offer water or your attention and prayer. With the notable exception of the Good neighbours, most of the Spirits we call are disembodied and do not consume physical offerings. If the Spirit will have a tantrum over you not giving offerings, it’s a parasite, and you want that gone immediately. Either tell it to get out, use Magic or if you need help, get an expert in. Not all Spirits are outright benevolent or malevolent. Many of them are just along for a free ride off practitioners who don’t know better.

Just as discussed in Protection Magic, flavours of food and materia can impact Magic. You’ll note that all of the above recommendations are sweet, refreshing and, in many ways, uplifting. We cultivate these feelings in people and Spirits when we give sweet and spiced foods to them.

It’s hard to be angry/sad if you’ve just been fed something delicious.

This is also an excellent way to make peace with our invisible co-habitants of Space. If you are the nice person who gives them treats, they give you more grace and come to appreciate, even love you with time.

My general offering prayer is:

‘You Spirits of Place and Space. I give you these offerings freely and willingly. Let this libation quench your thirst. Let this food satisfy your hunger! Look upon me kindly and forgive any trespasses made unknowingly. Thank you for your understanding and compassion!’

Make nice with your invisible neighbours at the bare minimum. You do not need to invite them into your home. In most cases, I don’t recommend that you do. Instead, you can give offerings to them separately. Have a small space in your yard that is a meeting place between you and the Spirits of Land, Place and Space. Set aside space in the home that you give offerings to Spirits of Household. Build a shrine to the Kindly Ancestors, those who you choose to let into your Sphere.

You can learn the basics of Ancestral Veneration here:

Or book and Ancestral Veneration Mentoring session here:

Like all relationships, you only need to build those that you choose. I have many Ancestors that I do not and will never give Veneration. There are many Spirits in my landscape that I have a casual acquaintance. However,  I am not inviting them around for Friday dinner. Instead, we wave and say hello when we pass by each other.

The most critical point at all times is: You are Sovereign of your Sphere, which means that you have the Authority to decide what Path you walk and who walks it with you.

The relationships you do kindle in the home and land. Those Spirits can become great friends and allies. It’s a running joke in my family that I am never allowed to utter the words ‘Maybe it’s time to bring a new cat/dog/pet into the home.’ Because the next day, one will be sitting outside the house dejected and needing safety and love.  

When you invest time in establishing relationships, you are honouring your local Spirits. This often causes unexpected Magic. However, be mindful of what you speak out loud in love and fury. Spirits rarely observe the same types of morals and ethics that embodied humans do, and they tend to pay attention to what their favoured Sorcerer says.

Create the environment that you want, and Blessings will follow.

Or if you need a technical recommendation. Have a spritz bottle of rose or orange blossom water. Or even the simmer pot decoction I recommend above. Clean your house and your body, spritz everything with your mixture of choice and proclaim: ‘This space is Sacred and Blessed! Only that which I invite is welcome! As I say, it is done!’

Do this as needed. Or in general after you perform Cleansing on self and home.

You can also have Blessing Magic done on your behalf by our resident Sorcerer Asphodelo.

Keep an eye out for the follow-up post Success Magic.

May your Kindly Ones Bless and hold you.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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