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Success Magic

The last few posts have focused on getting you, the practitioner, centered and grounded in self and practice. It’s now time to look into some delicious Magic.

Success means something different to us all. This broad category of Magical action includes Favour, Glamour, Luck and, in some cases, Domination.

My first and foremost recommendation will always be: ‘Be on good terms with your local Spirits.’

This is the most underrated and dismissed Magic. When you establish relationships, and you have accumulated goodwill and favour from your local Spirits through regular devotion and offerings. Expressing a desire or hope, out loud is enough to get that ball rolling if not wholly resolved. Consistent devotional practice can and could replace all other forms of Magic.

The second is Glamour. In this context, we want to be seen. To draw the eye, be beautiful, appealing, and magnetic. You can enchant a cologne to do this, an item of clothing or jewellery. You want to make yourself captivating to your audience. Use items that fill you with confidence. It is easier to enchant these qualities when the base item is halfway there. To do the enchantment, you can saturate the object with your energy and the emotions you want to evoke. Recite a Spell of your choosing. Here is an example:

‘You will draw the eye to me, magnetically, attention will find me. I am perceived as poised and kempt. My voice rings true and sweet as honey. As I say, it is done.’ Repeat three times

Anoint the object with the saliva accumulated in your mouth while reciting the Spell. Do this as needed. Over time and cumulative enchantment, this effect will grow more robust and stable. Especially if the object is metal, this is one way to create a custom Talisman.

Third is Luck. Cultivating good favour can often give us random eddies of Luck. A fickle and ephemeral force is Luck. You will need to find something rare that requires Luck to find. Even better if you procure or make it yourself. A four-leaf clover, a feather from a bird not commonly found in your area, a remarkable rock you found, or even something that was lost that you found. These types of objects have a subtle natural Magic to them. Make sure that you give an offering to the local spirits in exchange for the item you take. You can further enchant these objects following the same procedure as with Glamour. My Spell suggestion:

‘Fate touched object that came to me, ensure good Luck favours to me!’

Domination will always be a complex issue. For Success, you can dominate the mind of an employer. Implanting thoughts of you and how well you work. I recommend caution with this Magic. It can quickly become an obsession if you are heavy-handed. Use it when you need to beat out the competition.

Necromancy can provide some concrete opportunities to fine-tune our Magic if you want to succeed in a specific way. As always, when working with Spirits, I emphasize relationships over demand. You can read my Introduction to Necromancy here:

Look for Spirits that achieved what you hope to in their life. Spend time researching them, giving offerings and establishing the relationship. If they give consent, you can use their grave dirt to boost any Spells you do relating to their ‘specialties’. Working relationships require discussion, negotiation and payment. Don’t offer what you can’t give or do not intend to honour.

Talismans are an excellent way to ensure you have that boost when you need it. I recommend the Hermes Wonderous Victory Charm for all matters of Success. You can purchase one here:

Or you can book a custom Candle petition to give you a boost.

Keep an eye out for the follow-up post Job Magic.

May your Kindly Ones Bless and provide opportunities to you.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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