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Job Magic

We are building directly from Success Magic. When we are doing specific Magic to achieve a set result, I recommend treating it like you are crafting a fishing net. First, we want to ensure that we are cleansed and clear, then protected from harm or Malefica, blessed with good favour and success. Next, we have solid foundations to add to our specific knot, the Job.

Like all Magic. It is best to have done real-world work to help the Magic stick. No point enchanting for a job if you have not applied for it or have the required skills. We are doing Magic, not performing Miracles.

If you are enchanting for a specific job, take some dirt from the location, a business card or even a brochure from the business. Then, add this materia into any of the Spells you do to get hired there. You can also make offerings to the Spirits that reside there to have them help open doors to opportunity.

Making offerings to your local Spirits and telling them you want this job is a perfect addition to this Work.

You can enhance this with some specialised Necromancy as well. My General guidelines for Necromancy will always apply. Read about it here:

You can look for industry-specific Dead. Or even people who were pillars of the community. Never underestimate how far a little goodwill and favour from a powerful local Spirit can take you.

Here is an example:

You want to get employed at a local Bank. Go to their location to collect dirt or other materia. If you are working with a Spirit, show them the materia, express your desire, and give them offerings, including some of the materia from the Bank. If granted permission, take some of their grave dirt with you. Sift any detritus from the collected dirt and blind bake when you return to your working space. Store in an air-tight jar. As a general safety precaution, do not store necromantic materia, specifically grave dirt, in your bedroom or near where you sleep. Combine the dirt with materia that brings blessings, success, luck, victory, and sweetening. I would suggest cinnamon, sugar, ginger and laurel nobilis. Address each materia and instruct it in its task. For example:

‘You Cinnamon who is sweet and warm, lend me your virtues, let me be seen as a commodity to be treasured!’ speak to the nature of each materia, awaken their Spirit to this task.

After each ingredient is combined, weave them together into the total Spell:

‘I am granted success and victory in my quest for employment. I am the best candidate for this position. None are better than I for this opportunity!’

You can dust a master copy of your resume with this mixture. Dust the door into the building when it is closed. Carry a jar of it to your interview. If possible, dust your hands just before the interview itself.

You will find that you have exceptional success with this Working.

I also recommend the Hermes Wonderous Victory Charm, an excellent Talisman to carry for job interviews and business meetings. You can purchase one here:

Or you can book a custom Candle petition to give you a boost.

Keep an eye out for the follow-up post, Financial Magic.

May your Kindly Ones Bless and crown you victorious!

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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