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Financial Magic

So much of the occult discourse on money focuses on stop-gaps and emergency Work.

‘I need X money now.’

Fair enough, life is chaos, and we can always have some unforeseen issue crop up in which we need money immediately.

As for practical advice, draw up your budget. Look at living expenses, and even engage a financial planner if you need assistance. I tend to find I do best when I break my budget into non-negotiable expenses, savings, spending, and treats (a new board game, book, craft supplies or activities). Budgeting and economics should be mandatory in schools.

Here is where we can start to see the use of long-term enchantment. Other than the baseline of Clearing, Protection, Blessing and Success. Financial Magic is akin to an investment strategy.

You can do short-term money magic. For example, ‘I need X’ amount to do XYZ and invest a portion into longer-term portfolios. When asking for an amount, ensure that you set aside a portion of it that is allocated to charitable work.

As a general rule, set aside a certain amount you give to a charity you want to support or local relief services. Do so in the name of a Spirit you wish to honour. This works best if the Spirit would support that charity. By doing this, you are generating goodwill and supporting a worthy cause.

Now you want to focus on broad petitions or Spells, specifically bringing money/wealth to you. For example, if you practice Planetary Magic, you could do individual petitions to each planet:

Monday’s Moon -Petition for grace and visibility, to be seen as appealing and noticeable.

Tuesday’s Mars – Petition for motivation and the endurance to do the work that is necessary.

Wednesday’s Mercury – Petition for mental acuity and a silver tongue, assistance in networking.

Thursday’s Jupiter – Petition for bounty, growth and conviviality.

Friday’s Venus – Petition for beauty and allure, to be seen as desirable and favourably.

Saturday’s Saturn – Petition to help with saving, nurturing investments, boundaries and budgets.

Sunday’s Sun – Petition for visibility, glory, success, visibility and sovereignty/wealth

As always, if you are working with Spirits, establish a relationship with them first before making demands. On their day, offer incense and sing their hymns. You can then petition for specific blessings after offering veneration. Take at least a few months to build the relationship before you start making demands, as a matter of respect and courtesy.

As you can see above, I focus on the opportunities that bring business and earning potential to me. Not just on the objective itself. You can’t make money if no one notices you.

This is another fantastic opportunity to work with the Kindly Dead and build relationships with local Spirits. Look for pillars of the community, founding families, business owners, politicians, and bankers. If they consent to work with you, the local Kindly Dead can open many opportunities for you and help to ensure a stable and regular income. As always, I recommend the method from Introduction to Necromancy here:

You can also forgo working with Spirits and focus entirely on self-enchantment and craft daily rituals that empower you to help generate goodwill and draw wealth to you in a similar manner as discussed in Success Magic:

You’ll notice that a key here is you need to plan ahead. Most of this Magic we are discussing isn’t about instant gratification. Instead, it is laying the foundations that we can build from. We are the most extraordinary Spell we will ever Weave, so focusing on cumulative enchantments of general goodwill and favour is investing in our overall well-being. The better you get at these foundations, the less targeted Magic you will need to do.

You can always book a custom Candle petition to give you a boost.

Keep an eye out for the follow-up post, Block Busting Magic.

May your Kindly Ones help you build solid foundations to stand on!

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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