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Block Busting Magic

What to do when you have done your Clearing, Protection, Blessing, and Success Work and yet you are still treading water?

Enter Block Busting or Road opening Work.

This is for when you are stuck in the mud and can not seem to gain any traction.

Is it not insane to do the same thing again and again expecting a different result? Let alone a waste of time and resources.

Time to clear the fields and flip some tables. Igniting the spark of Chaos in our hearts.

This type of Work can have unexpected outcomes. It has been my experience that powerful Block Busting can be the impetuous that jettisons us into a new career, relationships and even countries.

Be mindful that this work can end romantic, filial and platonic relationships that are keeping you stuck in a holding pattern, also careers. Think of how dynamite can change the entire face of a rock wall. This is what we are working with our Magic.

A few materia recommendations. Dirt is always good to draw a crossroads in and call those Spirits and forces to you. Volcanic dirt is exceptionally potent in this work, but potentially yields explosive results. Hot, spicy and pungent herbs and foods are also exceptional here. Liquor is good for a slap to the face or buttocks proverbially, it’ll get your or the Spirits attention, or alternatively black coffee works as well.

For Necromantic materia, look for Spirits who travelled the world, pioneered in their fields, adventurers or even anarchists. I will say that certain anarchist Spirits just live for chaos, so always follow my recommendations for Relational Necromancy and vet who you want to invite into your Work.

How to do a Block Buster.

Stand at a threshold. It could be a doorway, crossroads, hospital or cemetery. Face into the threshold, speak:

‘I have been bound and paralysed by place and space.’, scatter your materia of choice around you, ‘I now break this cycle and aim unerringly towards my true Fate!’

Walk through the materia and do not look back.

Alternatively, you could do a candle petition.

Take a red candle. Inscribe the name and birth details of the client and any suitable Sigils.

Speak  ‘You candle are now the Focus of X. All magic done to you works though X. 10-fold, 100-fold, etc. As I say it is done.’

Anoint with oil from the tip to base. Dust it with cinnamon, black pepper, even chilli if you choose to. (Make sure the candle burns in a well ventilated area and is supervise.)

Light the candle. ‘As you burn you will magnify this magic through X, 10-fold, 100-fold etc. Clear the way before them. Let their eyes see truth, their hearts feel truth, their minds know truth, their hands and feet search for truth. Let Fate pull them to their true Destiny. The song is woven in their Spirit, it sings in their blood. We clear the way for them to find the Path. All obstacles are burned before them. Let the ashes guide the way. As I say it is done.’

Repeat as necessary.

If you require assistance our resident Sorcerer Asphodelo can assist with a candle petition:

Or the supreme Block Busting work: The Chain Breaker

Keep an eye out for the follow-up post Love Magic.

May your Kindly Ones Bless and clear your Path.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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