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Love Magic

By far one of the oldest and most popular forms of Magic. Everyone wants to be loved.

I will say that while classical resources are heavy with compulsive and domination type love Spells. I do not agree with this method.

The social concept of being loved/lovable = worth, is rammed down our throats the moment we are born.

We are told to be ‘good’ and this makes us loved. We are shown that Knights in shining armour will save us from our bleak and dreary existence. That we are Destined to fall in love. That we have a one true love.

Totally ignoring the capitalist hellscape that is the industry of ‘love’. Subscription services, objects, holidays and marketing events.

I want you as a Practitioner to really reflect on this issue. Ask yourself, ‘Why do I yearn for love? What am I looking for? What does this even mean to me?’

If your answer is, ‘I am afraid to be alone.’. Do not pass go. You’ll settle for far less than you deserve if you are reaching for love from a space of lack or fear.

I could probably pass out, ‘Get some damn therapy’, like it was confetti at a wedding. But therapy isn’t always accessible to people. Capitalist hellscape and all that.

It’s time do some digging and reach a place of personal understanding. You can journal this. Have a reflection journal, question yourself: ‘Why do I want to be loved/in a relationship?’

Ask, ‘How do I express love? What actions make me feel loved?’

You can also investigate attachment styles to better understand how you behave in a relationship.

What are things that you value in a relationship? What are things that you value in yourself? What do you feel is value that you bring with you into relationships? What burdens do you carry? Can you let them go?

You’ll notice that we haven’t even discussed Magic yet. The best Magic you will ever do is when you have clear focused will and know what you desire above all other things. Magic requires focused attention. If you approach it scattered, your results will be unreliable.

As always go through the enchantment sequence. First Clear, Protect, Blessed and Success. Now let’s weave the knot of love into our net.

Your first love Spell should be self-love You are the greatest Magic you will ever weave. Weave a world in which you know exactly your worth and claim the Sovereignty you were born to hold. Do not settle for someone who loves you 10% because that is all you feel like you deserve. The best love is when you are loved for all your facets, flaws and inclusions, just like a precious stone. A person who loves you will see your radiance and appreciate every aspect of your being.

Self-Love Spell

Take a Green or Pink candle. Gather things that make you feel beautiful. Moisturiser, makeup, perfume/cologne, clothing, accessories, flowers. Stand in front of a mirror. Disrobe and gaze upon your naked form. Look upon yourself in an unjudgmental manner. Your body is both you and not you. It gives you form, it is your life, it does its best. Inscribe the candle with your name. birth details and any relevant Sigils.

‘You candle are now the Focus for me. All magic done to you works though me. 10-fold, 100-fold, etc. As I say it is done.’

Anoint your candle if desired and light it.

‘For every second that this candle burns let this Magic magnify in me. 10-fold, 100-fold, etc. As I say it is done.’

Now gaze upon your form. If you need to, stare directly into your eyes. Soul-gaze yourself. Focus on what you can. If you are able to confront what is uncomfortable do so.

Speak, ‘You beautiful form, sacred divine vessel that houses my Soul, Spirit and Mind. I love you with every fibre of my being. Survivor, Thriver, incarnation of Strength, Form and Beauty. I love you and I am grateful for all that you do. I love you. I love you. I love you.’

Gaze adoringly at yourself as long as you can. Extinguish the candle and repeat regularly.

You’ll find that as you honor and love yourself more, internalizing the worth that you have. The better your love matches will become. You will also be able to recognize when people are not honoring you as you deserve to be.

May your Kindly Ones Bless and remind you that you are a being born of love. Who is worthy and deserving of Love in all forms.

Keep an eye out for the follow-up post Perception Magic

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

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