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In this space, we have a meeting place, store, and blog. While you peruse and familiarise yourself with my musings and the wares that I have on offer. I hope that your travels are favoured by the Kindly Ones.

Love and Manyfold Blessings

Asphodelo xxx

Hello all,I don’t often make posts like this, which goes through show how serious I am about it: I ordered a 2 hour candle petition from my friend and Sorcerer extraordinaire Ash! I’d been feeling out of sorts spiritually for awhile, but his magic was palpable from the moment it was done, I felt the cloud of miasma lift! This has greatly improved my mental focus and clarity. Helping me to focus on my work again. Ash is honest and truthful. He doesn’t pull punches in telling you what is up. I can not recommend him highly enough!

Veronica B.

I recently had the privilege of having a Crescent Gate spread reading from Ash. This reading was done at a time when my relationship with Hekate was undergoing growth and significant shifts. The information that came through was a massive confirmation of my path with her, and I feel completely supported and confident in how to move forward. I cannot stress enough how impactful this reading was to my process. Ash approaches readings in a deeply grounded and empathetic way that is completely accessible. I can’t recommend his work enough.

Trisha M.