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Job Magic

We are building directly from Success Magic. When we are doing specific Magic to achieve a set result, I recommend treating it like you are crafting a fishing net. First, we want to ensure that we are cleansed and clear, then protected from harm or Malefica, blessed with good favour and success. Next, we have… Continue reading Job Magic

Magic, Materia, Necromancy, PGM, Sorcery, Talisman

Success Magic

The last few posts have focused on getting you, the practitioner, centered and grounded in self and practice. It's now time to look into some delicious Magic. Success means something different to us all. This broad category of Magical action includes Favour, Glamour, Luck and, in some cases, Domination. My first and foremost recommendation will… Continue reading Success Magic

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The Coin of the Dead

The Coin was inspired by a divination technique my Nonno taught me. Silver Coin Divination: This is perfect for yes or no to our questions. You will need a Silver toned coin. I was taught using a 20 cent pieces here in Australia. But you can also grab this beautiful coin. You can use a… Continue reading The Coin of the Dead