Ancestral Petition – 9 Hours


The purpose of this Petition is to bestow the Blessings of your Kindly Ancestors upon you as the Petitioner.

These Blessings can be for Protection, Health, Wealth, Opportunities, Luck, Love, or Guidance.

Each Package is tailored to your needs/desires through divination and communion with your Ancestors to find the best material and method to bestow their Blessings on your Desire.

Each Petition is Blessed and Prayed over on your behalf and Ritually observed during the Working to ensure its success.

With this, your Kindly Ancestors will be able to perform the task on your behalf with swift and sure action.

May their Bright Blessings shine on you.

Order your petition today.

This petition is performed by Asphodelo our resident Sorcerer and is $80 USD


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