Hermes Wonderous Victory Charm

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The Hermes Wonderous Victory Charm

(PGM VII. 919-24, Betz p 142)

These Talismans are a limited-run prototype of brass which is engraved with the prescriptions from the above Spell. When you purchase the Talisman, our resident Sorcerer Asphodelo consecrates it in the name of the purchaser three times using the Consecration for all Purposes (PGM IV. 1596-1715, Betz p 68). Encased in an acrylic resin keyring fob with a laurel leaf round which is also consecrated.

The Victory charm ensures the wearer is granted victory, strength and influence. The Consecration provides additional blessings to enhance the effects of the Talisman and consecrates it to the owner. Ensuring the Talisman blessings are bestowed to them.

This Talisman in practical real-world use can greatly improve the wearer’s luck, charisma and charm. Wearing it you will find that people are more inclined to look on you favourably and give you grace in social settings.

It is an excellent talisman to carry for job interviews, business meetings and contract negotiations. You may even find that it helps you in matters of sports and contests of skill as traditionally described.

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1 review for Hermes Wonderous Victory Charm

  1. Jude N. (verified owner)

    This had immediate effects in my life. As soon as it arrived and I carried it around, I found very specific things I was looking for just as I wanted and at a great price. It seems to make things run a lot smoother too, for instance at work it is typically very chaotic but when I bring it to work with me things tend to smooth out and I have a better shift.

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