Natal Numerology Consult


This package is priced at $100 USD and includes a 1 hour recorded Zoom session for future personal reference.

What is included?

A full Natal Numerology consult includes the Analysis of the Ruling and Day Number and the Natal Chart. It also includes an analysis of the First, Middle and Last names, as well as the Pyramid Peaks or life influences. Your personal Year cycle number is also explored for what to be mindful of moving forward.

The Ruling Number represents your Life Path or Souls Purpose, it is the motivating/driving force of this incarnation.

The Day Number represents your Human self and the way you experience and exist in the world.

The Natal Chart represents your innate gifts and abilities, however, the goal is to progress the Chart through this life and learn/earn the gifts you don’t possess through personal growth and development.

The Year Number represents where in the 9-year cycle of growth you are, the theme of your year ahead, and what to keep in mind.

Names represent the way you are perceived in the world. First or known name represents how you are perceived as an individual. The Middle name represents subconscious aspects of the self, hidden gifts. In contrast, the Last name represents family units as a whole and themes.

The Final Aspect is the Pyramid Peaks, broken into three sections; Youth, Adulthood and the Age of Enlightenment. They represent the overall larger themes of Growth, development and driving forces of your Life Path.

Where Astrology represents the overall way that we experience the Universe, Numerology shows how we express ourselves and our own motivations.

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