PGM Tarot Ankh Spread


The Ankh Spread is a fantastic all-purpose Reading able to Divine all manner of questions.

The reading is delivered via email, with 7 cards representing:

  1. The Past: Representing what is behind the moment of the question and is the foundation of understanding.
  2. The Present: Current circumstances and influences that are influencing you in the moment of the question.
  3. The Future: The outcome of the question and how we gauge the value of actions taken to reach this point. You can choose whether to find a new Path.
  4. The Crown: Universal influences that are affecting the questioner.
  5. The Shadow: Subconscious patterns and behaviours that are influencing the questioner.
  6. Past Patterns: Represents the circumstances and behaviours that can be the hurdle that blocks the questioners Path.
  7. Future Patterns: Represents how the Present self is projected to achieve the Future outcome.

The Final aspect of the reading is Observations and Outcome where our Diviner and Sorcerer Asphodelo interprets the expected outcome of the Question.

The Deck used in this Reading is the Tarot of the Greek Magical Papyri by Jason August Newcomb. For anyone who is interested in the profound clarity, insight and Magical potential of these cards They are available here:


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