Prayer to Selene for any Spell


The Prayer to Selene for any Spell PGM IV 2785-2890 (Betz page 90 – 92)

It is a spell that calls upon the Goddesses, Selene, Mene, Hekate, Artemis and the Fates to lend favour to the desired Spell.

As the Spell describes, we can apply this Magical operation for any and all purposes.

To perform the Spell, first, the Orphic Hymns to Hekate, Selene, Artemis and the Fates are recited three times each with offerings. The Prayer to Selene for any Spell is then recited three times and the Ritual concludes with the Petition for the desired Spell for the customer.

This is a wonderful and potent way to supercharge your Magical desires.

The Ritual is performed by our resident Sorcerer Asphodelo on the Full moon of the Month or at a more applicable moon phase.

Details are discussed via email.

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