The Chain Breaker


This package includes having the Chain Breaker and the Charm of the Bear cast on the behalf of the client.

Both of these spells are found within the Papyri Graecae Magicae, The Greek Magical Papyri.

The Chain Breaker, PGM xii. 160-78  (Betz, p.  159-60), and the Bear Charm, PGM VII 686-702  (p. 137-8 in Betz) are used in concert here for the most auspicious result.

The Chain Breaker is traditionally considered to be effective at: breaking bonds, opening locks, freeing prisoners and delivering from danger.

But what uses would we associate with it in the Modern age? The Chain Breaker can be used effectively as a Road opener and buster, Curse breaker of direct curses and ancestrally inherited, To serve bonds either with places, people, situations, contracts and oaths, Shifting the ‘Set-point” to allow the person to move beyond their limitations.

This spell is a very powerful working cast for a total of 7 times over the client for optimal results. It can very palpably and quickly create change and ‘shifts’ for the client. Here I will emphasise that this is not a replacement for therapy. But you may find it helpful if used in conjunction with therapeutic interventions.

After the Chain Breaker, the Bear Charm is cast 3 times over the client as an aid in bestowing beneficial forces to protect and guide you through this time of trailblazing.

The total work takes an hour of individually focused ritual invocation over you the client. This package also includes a brief consultation before the operation, to clarify what you are wanting to work through. It can be delivered over a Video call or performed on your behalf at a time that you desired the work delivered.

This package is $100 USD and is performed by Asphodelo our resident Sorcerer.

Bookings are managed manually at this time. You will be contacted directly by Asphodelo via to offer appointment times.

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